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Andruw Jones
The Wow From Curacao

Created: August 24th, 2002

Welcome to The Wow From Curacao!  This is a LiveJournal community dedicated to Andruw Jones, the star center fielder of the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball Team.  Andruw Jones was born on April Twnety Third, in year 1977.  He was born into the world of baseball, as well as the outfield.  His father, Henry Jones, otherwise known as Mr. Beep Beep, a nickname given to him for his well known speed.  Henry Jones was a famous center fielder on the island that Andruw grew up on.  Andruw, known simply as Andy to his parents, received his first baseball bat at age three, and his first baseball glove at age four.  Andruw's father would help train Andruw to be a center fielder by tossing tennis balls off of a wall and having him catch them.  His father would also bring him to practices, letting him catch fly balls.

Andruw attended St. Paulus T. C., but didn't finish high school because he was signed at age sixteen to the Atlanta Braves.  In just a few years, he flew through the classes.  He played for the Gulf Coast Rookie League in 1994, Class A in 1995, Double A in 1996... and just at th end of his third week on the Triple A deam, he was signed to play in the Major Leagues.  His first full year in the Majors was in 1997, and sadly it did not go so well.  But this only made Andruw try harder, and in 1998, he played wonderfully.  He recieved his first Gold Glove.  In October of 1999, Andruw played in the World Series.  He was the youngest to ever hit a home run in the World Series.  In 2000, Andruw played his best year.  In 2001, he received his fourth Gold Glove, and signed a new six year contract.

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A few fun facts:

» Andruw speaks four languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, and Papiamento.

» His favorite food is iguana, and his favorite drink is sprite.

» He is currently engaged, and has a daughter.

» He has a great number of tattoos.

» Owns a diamond ring with "A. J." on it.

( All information taken from the discontinued website
Andruw.com, and will be  updated shortly. )

Rules About This Community

No Andruw Jones bashing is permitted.  If you join, I ask that you post as often as possible; with anything you'd like.  Pictures must be posted using the LJ-cut.  If you don't know what this is, then please visit
this this page.  If you make any LJ icons, then you do not have to use the LJ-cut.  Any news on Andruw, or even on the Atlanta Braves, is very welcome.  I won't be able to post this news as often as I'd like, so help would be wonderful.  I hope that you enjoy this community.  Have fun.

Con Amor Siempre,