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Game versus L. A. Dodgers.

This is how I'm going to do my summaries of the game. First off, this will only be about Andruw. Other players will only be mentioned when they get tossed out by one of Andruw's plays, or when Andruw scores from another player's hit. I will only talk about what Andruw does, therefore if he doesn't bat in the top of an inning, then nothing about the top of that inning will be mentioned. If no play is made in the bottom, then the bottom won't be mentioned. If nothing happens for Andruw in the entire inning, then the entire inning won't be mentioned. I am typing this as the game is happening. Therefore it is in exact order that things happen. If I do miss something, then please comment on it so I can fix it. Thank you.

This would have been Andruw's third game in a row missed since his rookie year. However, despite how he said he might be out of the game today, he is playing. He was placed into the lineup exactly at hour before the game. Andruw had to talk Cox into letting him in, and a few hours before the game Cox stated that he was expecting Andruw to be in the game.

First Inning
Top of First:
Ball, Ball, Ball, Strike
Hit ball down left field line. Double.
Made run from Javy's home run.

Braves: 5
Dodgers: 0

Second Inning
Bottom of Second:
Had to chase a ball in left center field hit by Paul Lo Duca. Lo Duca doubled just as Andruw got the ball.

Braves: 5
Dodgers: 4

Third Inning
Top of Third:
Ball, Strike, Ball, Ball, Strike
Foul, Walk
Stole second during Javy's at bat.
Scored from De Rosa's hit

Braves: 7
Dodgers: 5

Fourth Inning
Top of Fourth:
Ball, Pop Fly

Braves: 7
Dodgers: 5

Seventh Inning
Top of Inning:
Was hit by pitch in left shoulder. Walked.
( Note: He winced, but was still showing a little smile. ;D )
Advanced to second with Javy's hit
Advanced to third with Castilla's hit

Bottom of Inning:
Caught pop fly from Shawn Green

Braves: 7
Dodgers: 5

Ninth Inning
Top of Inning:
Grounder towards left field. Out at first.

Final Score:
Braves: 7
Dodgers: 5

Don't miss the next game on Tuesday, August 17th. It's at 7:05 eastern on TBS. At Pittsburgh.
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